10-week course starting 23rd May 2024

Berkhamsted Town Hall
Thursdays 7.45-9pm

Join the MOVEMENT revolution

The movement revolution is a 10-week movement course designed to change how you think about movement, posture, pain, strength and mobility - it is guaranteed to revolutionise your day - day movement patterns, your sporting performance, weakened core or symptomatic pelvic floor (i.e. leaking/prolapse) and help you alleviate those niggly unresolved aches and pains.

The movement revolution will target:

  • Mobility of the hips, spine, ankles, shoulders & rib cage 
  • Core and pelvic floor co-ordination, stability & strength  
  • Hip, shoulder and ankle stability  
  • Strength of those all important gluts, hamstrings, inner thighs, upper back etc 
  • Movement patterns and the crucial timing and sequencing of joint actions and muscular activation - we are mechanical models 

The MOVEMENT revolution includes:

10 x in-person 75 minute sessions 

2 x additional solo training sessions (video-led) planned via the TrainHeroic app 

Unlimited coach support and your questions answered via the TrainHeroic app 

Missed an in-person session? No problem - the exercises we do will be set up as a training session in your TrainHeroic account.  

PRICE: £160 for 10 weeks coaching! 


What you will need:

  • A yoga mat or a large towel will do 
  • An additional towel (medium size)
  • A yoga block or a thick (6/7cm) book will do 
  • A 9 inch pilates ball - this is worth the £7 investment 
  • A small dumb-bell (ideally 1kg, but 0.5kg tin of beans will do!!)
  • A heavier dumbell (3-5kg) - optional  

Benefits of joining the MOVEMENT revolution ....

Back mobility

Core strength

Core and pelvic floor co-ordination and strength

Hip mobility

Muscular strength

Joint Stability

Improved posture

Reduction in aches and pains

Deep mechanical understanding

Who's the MOVEMENT revolution for?

The movement revolution is suitable for ALL (well, almost all*) females - you might be 15 or 65, you may or may not have children, you might feel;

  • stiff/immobile,
  • feeling like you lack strength,
  • worried about your posture,
  • feeling disconnected from your body,
  • struggling to find athletic performance,
  • fed up of niggly aches and pains,
  • suffering from pelvic floor leaks or prolapse symptoms
  • OR simply just want to feel the best you ever have 


We will be laying down and building on the foundtations that are so often missed. The movement revolution is not designed to be a sweat fest. You need to be ready to think, connect and work hard (brain and body)!!   

*postnatal females must be a minimum of 12-weeks pospartum 

*If you are 2nd / 3rd trimester - watch this space for a course designed especially for you. 

*if you are injured and your pain limits your movement significantly, 1-1 attention might be more suitable. Get in touch if you are unsure.