Core Connections

Have you booked your ticket? Core connections is an exciting workshop specially designed to give opportunity to postnatal women to learn and understand their bodies.

Postnatal women often notice and struggle with changes in the function and strength of their bodies - these changes are particularly evident in the core and pelvic floor and can present as core weakness, diastasis recti, muscular discomfort, incontinence and prolapse symptoms. This workshop is specifically designed to inform and educate postnatal women about reconnecting with and strengthening their core and pelvic floor. Participants will learn about some of the changes that occur during pregnancy and how to reconnect with and train these very important muscles.

This workshop will teach and give you opportunity to practice specific exercises designed to improve the function of these muscles. You will come away with a clear understanding about postnatal exercise training and will be on the way to being stronger and more functional in your every day life.


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